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PERMIAS MSU proudly presents SAMBAL BAWANG (Indonesian spicy sauce made from chili and shallots) as part of Fundraising Sambal Indonesia! Sambal Bawang is released in two spicy levels (based on the number of islands in Indonesia and the US): 17,000 (HOT) and 2,300 (MILD). We only have 40 jars in the first production cycle so grab it fast!

Price: $10
Net weight: 4 oz (packaging is as in the picture)

How to order?
Please fill in the form below:

Payment through Venmo: @Nikki-Ngatio

There will be a confirmation message if the payment is successful. Pick up and delivery service will be done on Sunday, January 24, 2021. Order is accepted by Thursday, January 21, 2021. Order can be closed sooner if sambal has been sold out.

We are looking forward to seeing your order! Sambal Indonesia, spice your day!

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